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Distribution of funds by Rendova CDO

27 January 2014

Dear Editor – My only reason to express some thoughts in your medium is to satisfy the mind of the voters back in Rendova Tetepare and south New Georgia about the absence of proper management on Constituency funds and the absolute lack of it under the capacity of the incumbent CDO Kenny Igilave and his associates.

For almost three years and with elections only around the corner many in  Rendova Tetepare and South New Georgia  but especially in the southern regional communities like Ughele and Lokuru the message is absolutely clear- Kenny Igilave is underplaying his duty towards helping the rural voters.

Few questions have been raised as a result of the total lack of help coming from the CDO’s Office.

People are surprised how Kenny briefs the incumbent, Danny Philip, on projects and programs for Rendova Tetepare and South New Georgia which in reality “no eniting”.

Are we witnessing the re-emergence of the kind of character very smartly act on cooking up the books by fiddling with ghost projects?

I remember there are some projects has been funded like the sanitation project meant for Rano village United Church in Lokuru and others which was never was.

Yet the wife of the CDO is on high powered OBM frequenting Munda and back again.

Kenny is seen here very rarely and people in their own conclusion are backing off for reasons I have mentioned. No enting happen so people laek fo no mekem enting happen moa for Kenny and his boss, Danny.

The most intriguing of all the points mentioned is that the CDO boss is a PNG national. 

One wonders whether I would ever be given the same discourse if I am married to a PNG lady. No way on earth.

So help us God, do we lack local capacity?

Joshua Loka