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Two MPs secure funds

27 January 2014

Dear Editor – I have been following the stars with the above story. It’s interesting that I want to jump into another man’s boat.
Maybe so interesting it is that some spectators got so interested and somehow envious about it.

I think many constituencies do not need such business. They might have roads, airfields and other means of transport, plus they might have close connections to each other and others.

These two ‘waita’are ‘seem to be very remote’.

Imagine one and half hour flight from Renbel, very expensive.

Think of SM, no road access to Auki where shipping is plentiful. May be these two needed this kind of help more than others.
Alfred Bugoro in the SS last week; might be right.

Shipping is not the only option for development or business. Samfala ranem ship, samfala ranem cattle samfala daevem bechdema and samfala speedim truck, hem sud orate.

Or what do others say?

Ione Ahala’i



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