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Watchdog on Moti

27 January 2014

Dear Editor - The Moti saga the NCRA regime decide to settle out of court which don’t go down well with the Opposition, who facilitated the mess when he was the PM then and was remote controlled by Aussie to have Mr Moti deported in 2007 should not poke his nose this time on the issue but let NCRA do what they can do to settle the same once and for all.

Your days are over my good Dr you have caused the sick and yet can’t find the right dose to cure it, when you have the power in your hand.

You wait for say, “Amen” nomoa Mr Watchdog or do you want to end what you had started during your reign?

Olsem hem gud tu, you and Aussie meet the Moti claims to help serve NCRA from finding funds to clean up a mess not of their making.

You reap what you sow Dr Sikua be not a watchdog that barks at its own shadow picture.

Always bark at the right object, for the right reason and at the right time or how the dog that gave the most shouts, qwe.... was the dog the stone hit.

Let NCRA have its way to handle the Moti saga.

Time for you stretem finish nao taovia kasingo, Taem ba iu PM. Now its NCRA’s time, over to you NCRA, it’s all yours clear the mess and let’s all forgive and forget sorry Moti.

Andrew Maomaiasi