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Reserved seats

27 January 2014

Dear Editor – Milner Tozaka's strong support for the inclusion of 10 females in the parliament cannot be left unchallenged as it is contrary to what is currently prescribed in our constitution.

First ending violence against women cannot be used as the chip for getting free seats for women in parliament.

It is a lame excuse. Violence comes from abnormal mindset and unless and until peace exists in the heart and mind, violence will never stop.

Human effort will never solve this problem, it is only through the intervention of the prince of peace, peace in the mind will exist and violence will be stopped or lessened.

Secondly, with the current 50 constituencies, the country is losing millions of tax payers’ money on MPs salaries and other entitlements with less services reaching the people.

The economic hardships faced by ordinary Solomon Islanders today is far worse than what was like some years ago, therefore by creating 10 reserve seats would only mean giving extra millions of dollars of tax payers’ money to some more liabilities of this nation.

Thirdly, I feel that those who supported the 10 seats should surrender their constituencies to be contested only by women in 2014 if they are serious.

There shouldn't be any special seats as all women, children, girls, boys and men are represented in parliament by the current 50 MPs.

Our constitution is very fair to all gender, that is if you are a citizen and had reached the age of 21 then you have all the rights to contest in any election.

There is no discrimination here therefore women are encouraged to contest in this year’s election.

Finally, since all citizens are fairly represented by our current MPs, who  are those 10 extra MPs going to represent?

John Aonima