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Where are the school materials?

15 May 2014

Dear Editor – I am one of the guardians and a parent who is seriously concern and sadly acknowledge the manner in which the adviser of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development has continued to delay the distribution of school materials to schools throughout the country, so much so that it is now affecting not only school resources but the pupils’ learning as well.

The Ministry of Education since towards the end of last year 2013 has assured schools and teachers that school materials should be dispatched to schools by the beginning of this year 2014.

But we are now almost in the middle of the year and yet schools have yet to receive these school materials.

This problem is quite acute in remote schools where inaccessibility to these resources is strongly felt.

Can the newly appointed Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development explain to the schools and the public at large why the so much delays and if such delays are acceptable on the expense of student learning.

If this year’s examination is going to be based on these materials it is important the MEHRD now considers distributing sooner than later.

The delay is long so that some schools are now resorting to photocopying of these materials some times from the private individuals.

I would therefore, like to urgently call on the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education to find the money and get the materials to these schools soon.

Whoever is delaying these materials should be held accountable to the country’s pupils and fee payers.

T. J. Luda
North Malaita


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