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Malaita Day reflection

19 August 2017

Dear Editor –The 15th day of August reminded me of my second trip to Malaita when, on Malaita Day, 2016, I took a five hours coastal boat ride from Auki  all the way to Afio, a historical government station, neatly located at the entrance of the majestic Maramasike passage.

I was there for the Teacher Professional Development School Leadership programme facilitated by the Ministry of Education, and, I was truly grateful, I made it that far.

During my first trip, I was only confined within Auki town.

Nevertheless, I was highly impressed and equally appreciative of the developments taking place there.

Hence, as I was braving the long journey to the South with my two brave skippers  I began to realize the vastness and the natural beauty of Malaita; the soothing untouched Are-Are lagoon, the spacious land mass and the breathe-taking Maramasike passage.

At first, I was stunned, looking musingly at the rugged, Kwaio mountains looming silently above and ahead of us.

But soon, I was peacefully embracing the natural beauty of the Southern coast; I pondered deeply there and then.

Why am I here on the day the Malaitans are celebrating?

I turned to my skippers and posed them the question.

Their reply impressed me even more ‘Madam, that’s an appropriate title for a poem’.

The question lingered in mind to this day.

As I am disclosing a few thoughts to the nation.


I knew I had indeed fulfilled my dream to see Malaita

though not all of this magnificent land.

I know I would have been more appreciative

If I had taken a thorough jaunt through many other parts


Interestingly, prior to my educational trip to Malaita

I had read on a billboard on Honiara’s Kukum Highway a slogan,

 ‘Arise Malaitans’, publicizing 2016 Malaita Second Appointed Day celebrations

I thought to myself, what a beautiful opportunity

I would be on Malaita when Malaitans would be celebrating

I was joyful and overwhelmed as I was gathering all into one


First; I have only known Malaitans living on my island- Guadalcanal

and I believe this would be an opportune moment to discover reality.

Certainly, as I had come to learn through my interactions,

 I had witnessed much more than my conventional knowledge of Malaita.


I had witnessed the true Malaitan physical prowess;

I had felt peace, brotherly love, goodness;

And I had seen with my eyes the creative ability,

hard-work, commitment and a strong patriotic spirit

permeating the Malaita atmosphere.


Second; this was a golden opportunity to witness the vastness of the land

equal in size to Guadalcanal, but with many more attractive geographical features

highly appealing to Tourism, and other prospective economic activities;

I was thankful I was seeing these aspects.


And finally, in my capacity as a concerned citizen of Solomon Islands,

It was an opportunity to learn and share what I was thinking.


Thus, as I was cruising the Mala/ Guale seas

upon my  return to Honiara

I’d proudly confirm…True na….

I am who I am today

we are what we are now

Solomon Islands has come this far

 because of the contributions by Malaitans


And if fatherhood of Solomon Islands

can be likened to the strong Malaitan prowess

and our motherhood, as the resource- rich,

fertile mother land- Guadalcanal

My concluding sentiments would be

to encourage fellow Malaitans

that you have what it takes to carry Malaita

and Solomon Islands forward in terms of

 the most needed economic development activities,

income generation activities, and  employment opportunities

For our people

at this critical hour of need




You are mighty

You are resource- rich

You are productive

You are willing

You are strong-

strong enough to break the barriers

that constantly hinder progress


And, more importantly,

Your faith in God is alive

Your love for your children is boundless

And that through Him

by His grace;

and in His might

Peace, harmony,

progress and prosperity

for our people

are attainable

for all Malaitans

and all Solomon Islanders


May God bless and preserve Malaita,

And our beloved nation,

 Solomon Islands.


Georgina B Pita