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International freight charges

19 August 2017

Dear Editor – The price of electricity and bus fares are regulated.

The fees land surveyors can charge for their professional services are prescribed under law.

The agents of shipping companies who transport cargo from Solomon Islands to other parts of the world however are free to put whatever charge they can dream up.

Don't get me wrong.

The shipping agents are the owners of the ships, they do not even own and operate machines that move cargo from port to craft either ship or plane but put up a charge on every ounce of cargo that leaves our shores.

These agents are foreign owned and thriving as pests at the back of Solomon Islands producers and must be regulated.

The relevant authorities must immediately investigate and regulate the practices of these blood suckers within the export sector.

Their activities contribute directly to the high cost of living in Solomon Islands as well as the lack of growth in the export sector.


John Dovo