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Good work JANUS

19 August 2017
Henry Murray and his wife were arrested this week by the task force JANUS.

Dear Editor – With the recent arrest of the PS and his wife for allegedly stealing public funds, the public is more than assured that RSIPF are doing its work and that justice is being served.

We look forward to quick trials and if convicted thieves must be sent to places they rightly belong.

Our aid donors should chip in and support the work of Janus since it will be money well spent.

But whereas Janus is mainly targeting the public sector and public servants, corruption and theft in the private sector remain unscathed.

A similar task force should be setup to investigate corruption, theft, tax evasion and transfer pricing practices of private companies.

Corruption and abuse of monopoly power by companies could be more damaging to national well-being than say, an accountant in the government stealing  $500.

One area which such a task force should immediately look at is the practices of agents of international shipping companies in Solomon Islands (shipping agents).

These agents have a monopoly over international trade specifically the export sector, are not transparent on how international freight rates are established and can be selective on who they facilitate to export.

The situation as it currently exists provides opportunities for these shipping agents toskim off profits from local producers and exporters.

Please investigate and force these shipping agents to be more transparent.

More revelations in upcoming.

James Node