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Response to Jackson

05 September 2017

Dear Editor – I want to put my view in reply to what Jackson Rahemae has brought up in the Solomon Star.

Jackson if you were a chief you would know your responsibilities but I doubt it because you are so childish for bringing this issue into the media.

This MOU you based your argument on is signed by those few people you deal with, the community of Walande is innocent.

I therefore think that you should bring this issue through the South Malaita House of Chiefs.

Walande people are victims of climate change and for you to blindly barking for our relocation from the Southern region of Malaita Province is a personal attack from you Jackson alone and not Tribe.

If you are not happy with the youth of Walande, you can come to the community to talk with the chiefs and church leaders rather than barking like a dog without teeth.

I want you Jackson to apologise to the people of Walande for being so rude.

What I know is that our fore fathers settled in Walande after certain customary exchange and you should know if you are a true chief.

For you to say that Walande people murdered your tribesman is a mere lie.

If you know history then you should not have said what you say. Walande people are from Southern region and will always remain Southerners.

Willie Faasu
Toro, Walande