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Corruption Bill

07 September 2017

Dear Editor – They say one thing and do the other.

We will address the corruption bill head on they say.

True one too! Its withdrawal of the order paper for the day on the floor of parliament at the 11th hour lately don’t speak well of that promise.

Let alone, Me Fright!

A promise made is a debt unpaid.

No kaen worry will put back the bill to the house after the dentists pull out some of the strong teeth to bite, olketa lawyer ba, let’s hope and pray they do so.

Bring it back.

Our good MPs remember you will not be there as MPs all the days of your life span.

There comes a day when you will become a normal citizen.

Let’s put some protection law in the laws of the land to protect the welfare of our nation for the the years to come. 

Pass the corruption bill!

Andrew Maomaiasi