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Ombudsman newsletter

06 September 2017

Dear Editor – I refer to the article send to Solomon Star newspaper by Mr. Atkin that was published by Solomon star in today’s (Monday 4/9/17) issue No. 6689, which had incorrect reporting in it.

 The title of the news article was “Ombudsman Office re-starts newsletter online”.

 The final paragraph of the article reads “He (referring to the Ombudsman) said people should not hesitate to contact the Ombudsman’s Office if they have issues that they want to be published in the newsletter letter”.

This statement is absolutely wrong and incorrect as far as the role and functions of the Ombudsman is concerned under the Constitution and the Ombudsman Act.

 We never mention nor intended to say anything like that in the newsletter.

We never asked for people to give in news articles as you have alluded to and as reported in the paper.

And after all, the Ombudsman’s Office is not a media organisation as infer to in that statement to receive news from the public and reported on.

Instead, the message that was send in the Ombudsman newsletter is that if citizens do have or think that their government have caused them injustice through the administrative decisions made, then they should report such to the Ombudsman’s Office to be investigated.

 The Ombudsman’s Office is an independent body that can help to investigate injustices caused through poor administrative decision making by government officials, and to ensure justice and fairness for all.

 Given this incorrect and wrong reporting, we, the Ombudsman’s Office, requested that this news be corrected so that people are fully and correctly inform of what the Ombudsman’s Office can do and is actually doing.

 I thank you and the Solomon star for the actions that will be taken to correct this error in reporting.

Fredrick Fa’abasua
Governance Unit
Office of the Ombudsman Solomon Islands