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Fish depletion and climate change

07 September 2017

Dear Editor – I will travel along the coast to find coconuts because there are none around the village, due to coconuts again being used for copra here in parts of Western province.

Add coconut shortage to fish shortage, plus shortage of vegetables due to out of season wet season rain and long term cloud cover, plus shortage of money to buy adequate healthy food.

Consequences are immediate, involving worsening hardship and inadequate nutrition in at least some already malnourished Solomon Islands people.

It concerns me that people will baulk at matters specifically subject of AGW climate change.

If so how can dialogue otherwise take place in order to generally indicate urgent need for solutions?

I am aware one religion can dismiss another religion, and that global warming believers dismiss so called skeptics, but I am not skeptical of areas of ocean water condition changing weather and climate.

Example evidence indicates easterly equatorial trade wind linked to ocean current and increase in cloud cover impacting weather and garden and island fish supply in SI and other western Pacific Islands.

As for trade wind driving ocean surface current all the way from east to west.

My point is, no one could 'row' so far without wind and ocean SURFACE current flowing in the same direction for a considerable and adequate time.

During about the past 9 years I have discussed ocean algae warmth on various social media and none of the response has included any evidence to the contrary.

I suggest consider the 15th Principle of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, that states full scientific certainly is no longer essential to take action to prevent further damage to the environment.

If more appropriate I suggest you could write "I think" in front of everything I say.

I think and sometimes also know from observation and research.

Or should I go to a Chamber Magistrate and swear an Affidavit about such findings substantiated by what I observe or witness?

I think responsible news and current affairs media should urgently report matters as soon as possible, or magistrates should be involved because many seafood dependent people are already dead due to lack of dialogue about fish depletion and impact and solutions required.

Also I think magistrates should be allowed to hear about and understand collapse of ecosystems and seafood sustainability so as to provide clemency for some distant water fishermen and their impacted desperate and livelihood dependent families.

Evidence indicates most fishing restriction is useless.

Fishing restrictions are failing to protect food web ecosystems.

Example Marine protected areas and 200 nautical miles limit do not stop flow of nutrient pollution that is killing bay and lagoon food web sea grass nurseries

I feel morally obligated to pass on relevant observations and finding because human health and life or death is at stake including among my long term SI friends and others.

I also have explained at some length about fish devastation and cause,  the latter that evidence of substance indicates is compounded by wind pushing nutrient and algae-warmth-linked ocean current and cloud into the SI region and beyond.

I think the climate change aspect indicates seriousness of it all and that should surely lead more quickly to solutions for SI and elsewhere.


John C Fairfax
Marine explorer
Rendova Island
Western Province