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Mbokonavera school

17 May 2014

Dear Editor- It is now six weeks after the flash floods had destroyed parts of the city and people since evacuated to Mbokonavera school and are still there till now.

As a parent whose child is in one of the examination classes, I am really concerned after the lack of communication from Honiara City Council Education (HCC) to parents on the plight of our children.

I need not to talk about the importance of education to our children but to strongly ask the government, school board, HCC Education and NDMO to find immediate solution to the issue of evacuees to allow our children to continue with their education.

This is a real issue of concern to us and that we need this to be sorted out as quickly as possible. Exam dates for this year are fixed and that they cannot be postponed because of the flood victims.

The parents and school children deserve a positive answer from authorities on this issue, the quicker, the better.

John Aonima
Concerned parent