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OBE reform

17 May 2014

Dear Editor - Since this is a very important change that will affect our education system, though my status as a street sweeper not worthy of contributing to the issue, as a parent and a concerned Solomon Islanders, I feel it would be a failure of my side if I do not contribute as directed by John Iromea, the education research consultant.

To my good people of Solomon Islands, OBE is the new approach of delivery which will be used in our classroom teaching.

There shouldn't be any worries as the approach in the very safe hands of our very capable Curriculum Development Officers, MEHRD.

I understand that Curriculum Officers are parents themselves and if they see dangers in this approach, they should not have adopted it.

They are all Solomon Islanders and would not like to bring about any system that will destroy our people and country.

All along, Mr Iromea is a very confused academic because all along, if my sense is correct, the curriculum officers are not trying to change the curriculum  content but tried to introduce OBE as another approach to teaching the curriculum which Mr Iromea is so concerned about it.

I am not a teacher like Mr. Iromea but since attended a workshop on OBE some years ago and since then I gasp the concept till now.

If I am a teacher I would go for OBE as it will make my task as teacher to be easier and lighter.

OBE is not a new concept, it has been in our education system for so long.  In our traditionally way of learning it was best done through OBE.

Our traditional skills were passed on from generation to generations through OBE approach. So what is Mr Iromea's difficulties here.

How did he learn how to eat rice using spoon, did someone continue spoon fed him or he's good at it now because he did it himself through hands on?

So that's what the OBE approach is all about - learning by doing.

OBE has no problems opposed to claims by the self-claimed Education Research Consultant. All he is confused with are the requirements of OBE, which I believe the responsible ministry is working hard to address.

On the above note, I wish to say that Mr Iromea's views deserve no debates from academics and educationist as already the OBE approach is now best understood by street sweepers like myself, therefore he just need to take on board the street sweeper's OBE explanation and use it to help his student's he's been complaining about in the media.

Try OBE with them and you see the difference, Mr Iromea.

I have given enough new knowledge and information to Mr Iromea  for his research task and for his doctorate  and that I will not respond to any more of his letters on this issue.

Jay A Taunao