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Why Aipia?

10 October 2017

Dear Editor - The letter authored by Tepuke P. Hakatigisa’a from White River which came out last Friday in this column is interesting.

That letter mention how a ‘Patrol Boat’ was dispatched to arrest Dr Aipia along with his American friend who were busy with the bechedemer farm in the Malaita Outer Island.

Yet, the writer said, the ongoing criminal activities on Rennell and whose family members have been allegedly physically, socially and emotionally injured by Asian loggers and miners’ agents and servants that trespassed into their land in breached of High Court Orders and illegal logging and mining have been denied justice.

Mr Hakatigisa’a described police’s action as a grave injustice because they seems to turn a blind eye on their request for protection.

So it seems that these people in Rennell no longer has the trust of the police given the situations they have experienced.

If, this is true then its a real sad situation.

There are other similar situations where landowners and resource owners want police to step and protect their land where they ask for police’s protection, yet no help was rendered for them.

However, there are claims of police protecting loggers instead.

These issues have been discussed widely in the social media by landowners and resource owners who have been denied justice.

Its an issue which alot of our people have to deal with now a days.

RAMSI is gone, but it seems our people are still to have their trust on our police because of issues related to the above situations.

I hope our superiors can work on how to tackle these concerns.


Rata Dan