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Prophet or profit?

17 May 2014

Dear Editor – It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is in this country for any Tom, Dick or Weirdo to get an audience with the Prime Minister or other leaders.

The latest to be given that honour is a so called prophet called Vassula Ryden.

If people want to believe the sort of nonsense peddled by fortune tellers and other charlatans that is a matter for them but for the political leader of a sovereign country to give credibility to such people is, I suggest, a serious error of judgment.

Many people in Solomon Islands have fallen victim to con men, get rich quick schemes and the like.

You only have to google Ms Ryden to see that the Catholic Church and others have condemned her “teachings” as heretical.

The fact that she claims to be proclaiming a religious message should not mean she is exempt from criticism or public scrutiny.

Beware of false prophets wherever you find them, whether in the pulpit or campaigning for election.

Andrew Radclyffe