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Uncertain future

18 May 2014

Dear Editor – Please allow me space in your private view/column to voice out my concern on the above issue.

The economy of our country is very low. The standard of the urban life in our country instead of increasing is decreasing rapidly.

The government earns low income than spending much money on foreign goods  and services imported in our country.

The government does not have much investment in our own country,

Instead, members of the parliament led by Prime Minister Gordon D Lilo made investment in other countries for their own benefits. In addition, they allow foreigners to make investment in our country than the citizens of Solomon Islands.

You can eye witness it in our capital Honiara, most of the wholesalers business holders in the central Honiara are foreigners.

Solomon Islanders only own or invested in the retail stores and other primary business.

Most of the exported goods are from the companies owned by foreigners in our country.

Thus, the income earned, they give it back to their own country for the development of their own country than developing Solomon Islands.

As a result, the government has no budget for the future generation. Instead it sold their future through many aids it took from the foreign countries.

Tomorrow the current generation won’t own the country. Instead, they will become slaves for the foreigners who the government took aid from.

Because we can’t pay back our own credits to them and we will become slaves in our own country.

However, if there is a way in this thick forest, there is always a way out.

And so, we the victims of tomorrow kindly ask you the next parliament members and Prime Minister can you find a way out of this thick forest for the betterment of the country and  the generation of today?

We already experienced the bitterness of your leadership for  the future.

Our one and only question is:

“Will you never follow the footsteps of our current government?

If your answer is yes, we will be pleased with you.

Brian Inomea