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Kwailabesi SDA Mission station

16 November 2017

Dear Editor – I wish to thank Ambrose Oiofa Dolofera for his reply to my article in Solomon Star issue No: 6748, Thursday 9 November, 2017.

With due respect; I was merely trying to inform the Baefua public, the Kwailabesi Rehabilitation Committee, the SDA Mission and anyone who might have some interest regarding the rehabilitation of Kwailabesi about the facts and the truth regarding the primary and rightful ownership of the Kwailabesi station.

I, for one would want the development and rehabilitation of Kwailabesi to continue as education is very important for the future of our region, Malaita province and the country for that matter.

As you rightfully stated that the public demands nothing but the truth. I did not see what I have written had some elements of assassinating someone’s character or even attacking someone’s personality. I did not even wish to enter into a debate with you and Kervin Suliau. But maybe it STINGS! When the truth is unveiled.

My article, actually explained about the history and background of Kervin Suliau and yourself in which you have appreciated and even saluted me for in your reply.

I was not trying to lobby, tempt other people or reveal secrets and history for the sake of having a public debate. Again, I was revealing facts.

A land dispute normally arises from corrupt court cases and when ownership of land is hijacked by some selfish characters in which you and Kevin have portrayed.

It is you and Kervin who actually debated about the Kwailabesi SDA Mission Station land ownership issue. My respected tribal leaders do not entertain media revelations, debate or arguments.

 On that note, I wish to apologise to my tribe for what I have done.

In fact, I feel obliged to let those interested about Kwailabesi rehabilitation know the facts  and the truth after you and Kervin opted to use the media – the Solomon Star and Island Sun.

After my article was published, I could now see some sense from you by suggesting that Kervin, yourself and our tribal leaders to come together and discuss our ocean of differences.

This to me is a sign of respect in which you and Kervin must utilize. You know very well our tribal leaders. Go, see and talk with them so that you could iron out your differences now as this could lead to some negative ramifications in the future.

Remember! Both you and Kevin are our adopted sons. My tribe respected our ancestors’ decision to adopt you and Kervin’s ancestor. It would be immoral if we do not.

I know very well all the land boundaries of my tribal land with other tribes in the Baefua and or Otebaita area. So do not be foolish as I will now lead you to the Holy book which guides us on the rights and curses of claims over land ownership rights.

I will now quote from the books of: Deuteronomy, Chapter 19: Verse 14, “You shall not remove your neighbour’s land mark, which the men of old have set, in your inheritance in which you will inherit in the land that the Lord your God is giving you to possess,” and similarly in Proverbs Chapter 22: Verse 28: “Do not remove the ancient land mark which your fathers have set.” Therefore the result will be in Deuteronomy Chapter 27: Verse 17, “Cursed is the one who moves his neibour’s land mark and all the people shall say Amen”,

On the basis of the Holy biblical quotations above, it could be dangerous because God will intervene when new land boundaries are created or false land ownerships are established especially through corrupt legal processes.

I think the Baefua public and those who have interest in the rehabilitation of Kwailabesi SDA Mission Station, demands that we must speak the truth because only the truth will set us free.  AMEN!

I feel that I have done my part; therefore I now rest my case.

Peter Misitana,
Central Honiara