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Equality and equity

22 January 2018

Dear Editor – The emphasis has been on Equality rather than Equity and wondered if these information are cunning steps to the next popular supported born of this Equality.

Another phrase which suit us most is Equity and rightly understood it is an issue which both genders complement each other and our failure in this scope will definitely be seen as an open pathway or a first step to consider another pathway – equality with all the likely impacts one of which is very popular now.

Recently, Australia just approved gay marriage because people have been already brainwashed with the concept of Equality.

No we should balance it with the concept of Equity.

God didn’t just create us like that but in His image he made us.

In our culture in the Solomon Islands, women have different roles and those roles complement each other and promote oneness, now with monetary and success kind of mentality we have been sensitized to consider equality and all the impacts as success in the end.

No EQUITY is more appropriate to us don’t you think so?

Of course, you don’t mean what I mean but I mean it that way.

I want you to research more the word EQUITY and how do you weigh it together with EQUALITY  and how do you apply it to us WHICH IS MORE APPROPRIATE.

Thank you and you have a nice day!

Andrew Are’a