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Don’t blame the followers

22 January 2018
Kingdom movement leader, Kemuel Kaleni.

Dear Editor – Why is the Malaita Kingdom Movement Leader blaming his followers and not take full responsibility for his very own actions?

This is not a true character of a leader I for one would throw out support to and lay my life for.

I have asked a number of his followers the days leading up to the pronounced dooms date of 16th January 2018,when it was said the earth will open wide and riches of all sorts, including “white women (misis in pijin)” so to mention, will surfaced and spring forth from beneath the grounds and what they said was “Oldman na talem”.

This makes me wonder how come his followers admitted that he was the one who prophesied these deceptive lies and he is on the contrary resonating the opposite in the papers.

No matter what he says,he must be held responsible and accountable for the deceptions and lairs he had instigated.

To all Christian brother and sisters, do not put your trust in your church leaders, as virtually all churches are devoid of the Spirit of Christ.

Study God’s Word for yourself and put your trust in Jesus Christ and His Word alone.

We are complete in Christ.

This is the only safety we will find in 2018 and beyond.

We are on the threshold of witnessing the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy as we enter into the last days.

Those who know and heed the signs – and prepare their hearts will be able to withstand the imminent spiritual storm.

Those who do not will likely fall victim to such deception and the desolation and destruction as the great deceiver and father of all liars Satan exercise unprecedented power and wickedness via false prophets.

Erick Kelema