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Doctor tired

22 January 2018

Dear Editor - Early this month, a relative was referred from a rural clinic in one of the islands in the Western province for further medical check up at the Gizo hospital.

The patient was found to have a medical condition by a visiting nurse from Honiara who was on vacation.

So the nurse then referred the patient to Gizo hospital so that a doctor can conduct further checks.

The patient then traveled by outboard motor to Gizo on a Monday.

Upon arrival at the Gizo hospital, the patient went to the hospital. He waited for sometimes before the nurses advised him, the doctor was unable to see him because he was too tired.

There was no further explanation as to why he was tired. The patient was asked to return and see the doctor on Friday.

For the poor patient he has no option but leave. He just wasted $200 and will spend a further $200 when returned again.

Such was the experience at the Gizo hospital for this patient.

I’m not sure how many sick patients were also experiencing the same problem early this month at Gizo.

If there's only one doctor working at the hospital at the time then responsible authorities must be held accountable because they fail to do something to ensure there are more than one doctor available.

I’m sure there are similar experiences in other provinces because of lack of enough doctors where they have been asked to return later.

I have read in the paper about government cutting back on lawyers, why not increase the number of scholarships for our students to study medicine.

Our rural people are still suffering from lack of nurses but most especially doctors.


Rata Dan