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Examination markers’ payment

06 February 2018

Dear Editor – We have been promised by the director of NESU that last year would be different from the other years and that our payment should be processed before results will be released and that Ministry of Education has already secured money from AusAid for this annual activity.

However, that has not happened and we are still waiting for the little money promised to be given to us.

We know parents and guardians are very happy with the NESU and that results were released on time, but those of us whom have worked our guts out day and night to mark the examination papers are still waiting for our payments.

Could we kindly ask authorities responsible to process our payments as soon as possible?

It’s enough of giving us false hopes and empty promises.

We are all professionals and therefore we would require NESU and Ministry of Education to deal with our issues in a professional manner.

The latest date promised to us is the first week of February.

If our payments are still withheld and awaiting cash flow as always the case in the past, then the Ministry of Education should start thinking about using computers and robots to mark examination papers in the future.

Teachers who have dedicated their time and commitment to mark papers would reconsider marking examination papers, because of the continuous delay in the payments due to markers.

This will also demotivate potential examination markers and chief markers in the future, as no one will be willing to engage in marking examination papers.

Last but not the least, just put yourself in our shoes and you will see why we are so concern about the little payment due to us.

A. Mark