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Election projects

06 February 2018

Dear Editor - My recent holiday at Manawai,East Are'are taught me at lot of interesting things.

The festive season itself brought together many people with different ideas on how they would like to see development in the rural areas.

Last Christmas was unique in the sense that Manawai itself, there were talks of three major developments to take place this year.

This has never happened before. First, the Horooru Solar Power Station. My good people told that this will be funded by S.I.E.A (Solomon Power) to light up the entire Manawai Harbour.

This is great but would it be possible for S.I.E.A to do this just for the shake of lightnings? Where was this idea in the last 4 years?

The second project is the rehabilitation of Manawai Hydro.

This should be possible as it was in existence for 18 years before experiencing problems in 2014.

The question is, why not fixed it in 2014? Why 2018? The other project is the construction of another Telekom tower- said to be 3G to the existing one.

While these projects are all good ones, for them to happen this year as promised is unbelievable.

The so called educated makes them look like fools in the eyes of the innocent villagers when talking about these impossibles.

Our people deserve respect therefore designers of this strategy lacked the wisdom in dealing with people.

Our people are tired of sugar lips. The last old man I chat with him was 75 years of age and as I shook and said good bye, he said son, naf  fo u fala lo Honiara kam liar lo mi fala na evri krismas (Enough for those living in Honiara to come and tell us lairs each Christmas).

John Aonima