KWASO - Solomon Star News


01 March 2018


Dear Editor – Please publish the following:

It's the demon's water of life

That contributes to killing his wife

When he was floating on the waters

Noah's flood matters as it was better


In destroying his devotees

This destroyer better utilized 

Elsewhere as cleaning agents

Rather than water for the oesohagus

And the stomach linings

As absorption is faster here 


Going straight to the brain cells

Destroying them beyond repair

That the devil held their funerals

Once every forth nights

When the MPs' get their tax free salaries... 


Mission now a days; full of bluffs

That the Honiara market is full

Of people selling hoaxes  as remedy for ailments

 Caused by mutated sucrose, lipids and Sodium chlorides in diets

Rather than eating kuma, kaiai, uta and aia. 


The other day; people were talking

About the rivers that flowed with clean H2O

As they flowed from the streams of life

That no microbes were visible

Under the electronic microscope


Life then was clear and free

Today; the yeast were abused

Mutilated to the point of dilapilation

In the name of enrichment and wealth gathering

When the slash and burn is now responsible for climate dynamics 


The apparatus for distillation 

Filtration and separation

Was drawn upon a page

Of a form 4 science syllabus textbook

That some smart kids have shared the knowledge

The knowledge has become a killer of the youths... 


I always hide destructive knowledge

And share that which is beneficial....

To humanity.... 


By Stalin Fiualakwa