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Go, the Warriors!

01 March 2018

Dear Editor – I write to congratulate Solomon warriors FC for making it into the first three finals.

Although they went down quite badly to Erakor Golden Stars in the first game, they bounced back and won their two remaining ones.

They regrouped, reorganised and regained their focus to be proven as worthy HFA League club championship.

Moses Toata and the boys, with your coaching styles, abilities, tactics and techniques, skills and exposer well expressed and established Solomon Warriors FC despite  the dying minutes, hours and seconds you bounced and regained your pride.

As a follower, admirer and fan, I wish to remind you of the key words: ‘BOUNCE BACK’ or, ‘REBOUNCE’.

Thumps up Moses Toata!

Again, the second key word was “OPPORTUNITY TO ANALYZE”.

That really proves in your two remaining matches and you recovered very well.

The 6 – 1 and 2 – 1 wins were enough to see you bounced back home victoriously like a yow yow and boomerang in the hands of the Almighty and the main source of it all.

Now it’s a history in the making.

Moses Toata, mentor, advisor, and coach put in the boys a positive, predetermined spirit, mentality and a Solomon Warrior’s team spirit like a family with strong ties that are unbreakable.

From the very beginning of the first whistle to the very ending of the final whistle, no retreat no surrender, no risk no reward, and no work no wages, and no food on the table.

A word of encouragement and challenge to Marist FC and other Football Clubs in the future, take to heart what your sister club Solomon Warriors FC have demonstrated and established positively, and set as precedence, away from home soil.

With that effort, mentality and warriors’ heart you can possibly ride through to the remaining finals and be the Solomon Warrior of the warriors, Champ of the Champs!

Create a new chapter, set a new record, and make history. Solomon Islands is a football, soccer crazy, and soccer-mad country.

Excellent Solomon Warriors, Moses Toata and the rest of the team for reaching this far in all your endeavours past, present and future. Congratulations!

Let’s throw in our moral support behind our two sister clubs, Solomon Warriors FC and Marists FC.

Welcome home and well done boys.

“Achieve greater things and expect great things.”

Keep your heads high and more room to improve and excel higher.

Go, the Warriors!

Lloyd A. Hatamane
West Kola’s Ridge