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Solomons nabbed?

01 March 2018


Dear Editor - On front page of Solomon Star No. 6835, Wednesday 21st February, 2018, “29 Bougainvilleans nabbed”.

On page 3 of that same paper, “Russians here to lobby, says govt.”

Rumours here in Central Kwara’ae we heard a team of Israelis arrived at Henderson airport on Monday and all lights at the airport went out at the noise of the airplane, and people here are preparing, clearing places and making huts for Israeli armed forces appearing from anywhere.

We may not really know what all these happenings are but I for one I’m a little bit worried, nogud these three fala groups’ thinkim or plannim something different, for atackem Solomon Islands.

Today you me save there are many things happening; mafia moa, terrorist moa, con man moa, and Satan too waka 24 hours every day for nabbim you me olsem police nabbem 29 Bougs.

So, let’s be alert and watchful.


Rolly Koe 
Auki, Malaita