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Matok is not a landowner

01 March 2018


Dear Editor – I wish to respond to an article public in your paper on Thursday regarding the above topic which you receive information's from Matthew Matok.

For purposes of my response I will use MM in reference to him. 

Firstly, MM is not a landowner in any way but a conman as he is known to some people in the Reef Islands and you don't need hard facts to prove that as his claim as a landowner is a direct proof to his nickname.

Also, his claim as a member of a church called ''four square'' needs to be confirmed because what transpired recently was he tried to remove a senior member of the church because he was jealous about a rumour of his partner.

Simply, if he is what he claimed to be I would advise that the senior Pastor of the church should be more cautious of entertaining a follower such as MM.

I mean Jesus Christ trained 12 followers to continue spreading the gospel/good news of the Kingdom and the devil is doing the same strategy to spread his gospel/bad news and MM is one of the devil’s followers. 

To further prove this point, there is no truth with devil's followers and there is no lie with Christ followers.

So, Christ used people to spread the good news and build His church whilst the devil also used people to bring confusion and divide Christ followers.

Fundamentally, the devil is a father of all liars so he will reproduce after his kind and MM is a product of that. 

Secondly, Lomlom airport is a national project funded by SIG with public funds and should MM have evidence of what he alleged there are avenues to lodge his complaints.

The reason why he don't know what to do and think using the media is the solution comes back to him being confused by his father the devil.

These days are referred to as the last days and the devil knows that he has a short time frame to spread his lies therefore his chief followers like MM will aggressively do anything to bring confusion even to the government.

Ben Leinga
Landowner & village chief