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Social media, make up stories

01 March 2018


Dear Editor - The presence of the social media especially facebook in the country, has brought a lot of changes to our societies and changes our attitude.

Social media one of the tools which had impacted so much on information whether its true or not.

When it comes to fake news and stories, social media is at the top.

In Solomon Islands, its very interesting to read and see how alot of our people are able to come up with funny stories and fake stories which does not happen at all.

Each day, I have friends who shared some of their experiences or what they’ve encounter throughout the day.

Some are funny jokes which makes us laugh, others are written like their encounter was happening to them and its real when they are out at work, class, shopping, riding or even at the Church.

But really, its all make up just to get us talking, or laughing or excited.

So often when I read through these status, I usually doubt what had been said. I don’t buy their stories or believe some of these jokes or funny stories because its of their own making.

There are people who are good at creating stories or funny stories and love to post them.

This also relates to pictures and photos.

Some of these old photos were from the past years but when the posters upload them, they said its just recently.

So its important for us those who use facebook too much to be mindful of what we see, read and here via these platforms.

The recent situation in Gizo was also a classic example of how social media had came up with so many baseless rumours which caused panic to the people.

While on the ground, theres nothing much happening.

So, lets be mindful of what we read via the social media because of how information can be twisted. 


Rata Dan