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Poor roads

01 March 2018

Dear Editor - The recent press releases by the MID about the plan of action to repair the roads in the capital seem vague and ineffectual.

So far all we have seen is some temporary patchwork and a few shovel loads of gravel in places.

The result now during this dry weather is dust everywhere. Yes, its true, the bad weather a month ago made matters worse but in fact the roads had been in a very poor state months before those rains came along.

Hibiscus avenue and Fox street in a very poor state and as yet no repairs at all have been carried out. The Town Ground/Rove and Tandai getting worse again.

Feeder roads such as Vura, Zion, Fulisango, a few stones thrown into potholes and now Kola Ridge cemetery road, slowly developing large potholes.

The road from Henderson to Ranandi, a mess too. Where are all the contractors MID announced  would be doing the repairs.

Perhaps the contractors are reluctant because they are still owed money from previous work. Who knows?

The condition of the roads in our capital are now the worst in living memory. What are we waiting for. Another big rain to blame it on. 


Jimmy Russell