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Donated money

21 May 2014

Dear Editor - Please allow me a space in your paper to voice my concern about the millions of dollars donated from the outside.

The issue of Panatina campus which is used as evacuation centre becomes a public debate now. Too many complains are raised in the media about it. But nothing is done to solve the issue.

People who are settled along the river banks throughout all the provinces across the country are also affected by this recent flash flood. But it seems as if they are forgotten and the responsible authorities only focused on Honiara itself. This is totally unfair because everyone in the country shared the same sentiment and is seriously affected as well.

Now some victims are still awaiting any assistance since the day after the flood. Day by day they begged for some food from the relatives for their survival while others received reliefs supplies every day. This is unfair as well.

I therefore urged the responsible authorities to release the millions of dollars which was donated records the recovering of the aftermath on time.

Why I strongly call for a speedy action is that otherwise this is resulted in conflict please responsible authorities release the millions of dollars form you before it’s too late.

Peter Winiamae
East Honiara.