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Being at 40

12 July 2018

Dear Editor – Please publish the following:

She was the prettiest of the pretty

Well grounded well groomed

Well nurtured well raised

By well mannered guardian


Her supplies of resources incomparable

Water sources rich and filled

Forestry well covered in well sunlit territories

Her marine resources diverse and wholesome


Her engagement well cared for

Her pathway well planned and well secured

Her networking well established

Her speeches well prepared


All her footpaths well protected

That no interference shall distort her walkings

All that was prepared was second to none

All in all there was nothing more lacking...


She was the prodigal daughter of the Pacific

Casting all she had to the mafia leaders

Today she is the promoter of promiscuity

And begging becomes the front line of her politics


She begs for the airstrips to be built

For the wharves to be restored

For the roads to be sealed

For the hospitals to be renovated and equiped

For the sanitation to be built

Even for someone to clean her bottom

For her streets to be swept

For transportation to take noodles

To her children everyone

For someone to feed her potatoes and pawpaws
Her milk and honey now poisoned

Beyond repair


She is now celebrating her 40 years

Of begging for a better maternity leave...


All because her master

Is no longer wise

But vice



Stalin Fiualakwa