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Unplanned power outage

12 July 2018

Dear Editor – In response to A.M.Junia’s article titled Solomon Power & Brazil which appeared on yesterday’s letters to the editor, Solomon Power clarifies that the unplanned power outage was unfortunately caused by a member of the public’s vehicle hitting a power pole along the Tandai Highway, causing power black out to the whole of Honiara.

Except for the White River areas where power was restored at 3pm, the rest of Honiara had its power restored in 30 minutes.

Solomon Power Lines team were straight onto the task in identifying the fault and had the power pole replaced so that power can be restored to the city.

It is unfair to accuse Solomon Power of venting its frustration on the supporters of Belguimin the letter, especially when our costly assets are unnecessarily damaged by disorderly public behavior.

The least one can do is thank Solomon Power for keeping the lights on with so many national events happening in our capital over the week.


Chief Executive Officer
Solomon Power