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Choiseul chief education officer

12 July 2018

Dear Editor – I was one of the year 2017 recruited teachers who teach under Choiseul Education Authority as probationer until to date.

As a probationer teacher, it is very important to have consultation with Education Authority (EA) such as Chief education officer to endow with further information about why he extended my probationer for another year (2018) as stated to our current teachers teaching posting.

Even there were no official notifications from his office in order for me to identify my strengths and weaknesses of why I was still to be extending as probationer. The gigantic problem here is that, “who is Choiseul Education Authority, Mr Chief Education officer?” From the very beginning of this year until now I am still confused as to who is the chief education officer for Choiseul EA.

Along the way I searching but could not find him in his office, I just looked for an empty chair and table at all times.As you imagine, I get there every fortnight and even some school trips but could not find him in his office during official hours. Some officers, teachers and the public said that he was going to Honiara, driving his own outboard motor on hiring, meet with his relatives at market or gabbling place and always living office at 9:30 am to 10 am.

This attitude and behaviour is what we called the practise of absenteeism, as a result of doing nothing in the office and also causing gab to new probationer teachers could not identify who you are and how many colours you have as the reason of why you used to be imperceptible in your office.                                                                                                                                                                                   

Please Chief education officer if you are interested to do your private business or don’t understand your responsibilities then it’s very simple, just vacate the office position and let somebody who respects this job to sit there and also do teachers expectation.

Your administration is unreliable to us teachers as we teach under your umbrella.

However, what I have been experiencing during teaching under Choiseul education authority for two years now is NO satisfaction, NO promoting of teachers, as a result NO benefit out of, or to the other hands Mr Chief Education officer is not reliable to me as a teacher.

Teachers are probationers for more than six years, even extended to ten years.

The head teacher and principal in the schools were waiting for his advice before they can do appraisal for their probationers but he explained to be extended.

It is typed and very clear into the teachers teaching posting document.

What about the Ministry of Education(SIG)? Why are you employing such officer who does work below the expectation of his position responsibilities?

I tell the truth that he is an unreliable officer.

Choiseul education authority needs to be audited and dothe whole assessment of office administration and management.

Some of his approaches down here are unprofessional and ignoring of office manners.

He treated this office as his own private business and the teachers are his labourers.

Message to those teachers who will graduate next year in 2019, your advice is stop wishing and dreaming to do your teaching probationer under Choiseul Education Authority until current Chief education officer is changed.

This is an ethical issue which was needed to be considered by the upper ministry or who is responsible.

To all teachers who teach under Choiseul Education authority, there was legal procedure to handle such case, why don’t you get on your feet and do something to address this unreliable administration?

Or are will going to keep complaining until the cows come home?

So I urge: vacate this position to allow people who understand this job to take up the responsibilities and address teachers concerns in order to develop and improve the education system in Choiseul.

John K.Naguzazu
Choiseul Province


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