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CPO of South Choiseul constituency

28 May 2014

DEAR EDITOR – It would be great, if you could allow me space in your paper to express my opinion on the above title.

Firstly I would like to congratulate the people of South Choiseul constituency for their patience until the end of the four years term of Parliament, without any attempt to question or even to make any complain against the office of the South Choiseul constituency.

To my point of view, the South Choiseul constituency voters are very ignorant about the procedures of all the development funding available under the roof of the South Choiseul constituency office.

The reasons are:

1. The appointed Constituency Project Officer (CPO) had never at any time conduct a tour around the constituency area.
Appointed leaser officer living in the constituency and assisting the CDO at the Honiara South Choiseul constituency office are confusing people on their attitude of delivering information about the constituency development programmes of the rural funding.

2. The CPO is specially appointed to carry out survey and monitoring of funded projects in the constituency, to identify suitable projects for funding, where in some cases the rural voters may not in a good position  to identify such project.

CPO can assist rural voters to draft proper proposals for projects that may be suitable for any of the funds allocated for the rural development purpose.

As far as I know, the constituency office had already allocated 15 HP Yamaha outboard motor engine for the CPO to use for travelling from village to village to closely monitor projects and discuss issues with them on how they can participate in the programmes that will boost development.

The question here is does the CPO of South Choiseul constituency well informed, and does he have any knowledge of his role?

I thought the rightful place for the CPO to spend most of his time is in the constituency so that he knows the needs of the people.

Surprisingly I learned the CPO was accommodated at the Tropicana Motel for all of these years. You can find him sitting next to the CDO desk every day at the Honiara constituency office.

I suggest it’s time the CPO goes back to the constituency and do your work there than living in expensive accommodation in Honiara.

I also wish to urge the South Choiseul MP to see that his CPO returns home.

Jay L. Komia
East Honiara