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Poor bus service

28 May 2014

DEAR EDITOR – It was around 8:30am the other day I boarded a bus registered number AB9010 at Tamlan School heading east ward after dropping off my kids at Tamlan School.

My wife and I took the same bus. My wife dropped off at Ports Authority bus stop opposite the Honiara Casino whilst I continued to my final destination.

Arriving at the Central Market bus stop, all passengers dropped off except me.

I asked the bus driver where is the destination of the bus he said Didao, so I keep sitting since the next bus stop is just a few meters away I will disembark.

Prior to disembarking the bus conductor ask me to pay another bus fare saying that this is a new trip and had also been confirmed by the driver.

I did paid new fare another $3 with fear of being intimidated since the driver indicated through his tone of voice as loud and angry.

What had transpired then indicates that this particular service provider has in fact caused discrimination and nuisance to the public.

I thought it would be sensible to pay extra bus fare only if I board the bus from White River, otherwise not necessary at all to pay extra.

In support of my argument the bus condition itself is in a bad state thus speaks of a ridiculous service, the seats are worn out and one can feel that he is sitting on a bare frame rather than sit comfortably on a proper sit.

I was wondering now whether the relevant authorities are taking measures to ensure bus services in the city are complying to set regulations and or did the City Council and the Bus Service Association has any authority at all to look into issue of bus service in the city.

My advice to the conductor and driver of AB9010; next time treat everyone equal for you have served the public not your personal interest.
Tim En