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60 percent of log export earnings

28 May 2014

DEAR EDITOR – Would you spare me a space in your letter to the editor’s column to make few comments on your article about FAMOA wanted 60 percent of log export earnings that was published on Friday 23rd May 2014.

Chief George Lepping and chief Edward Kingmele wanted 60 percent of export earnings from Lagama and Alu forestry plantation’s in Shortland Islands for whose interest and benefit, because even though the current government revenue sharing basis of 20 percent, the people of Shortland Islands do not know where that percent goes and who is benefiting during late Albert Laore’s tenure till now. 

General Secretary of so-called FAMOA association Mr Kingmele even says that the logging will be one of FAMOA’s main income earnings. Are there any other income earnings apart from logging?

Is that only product we have in our Island? How the so-called FAMOA association can treat the people of Shortland Islands in terms of services and ownership?   

Where is a much talked about truth, transparency, accountability and responsibility in this whole context? Nafu nao fo laea lon mifala.

Where is the anchorage money, rental payment of Telekom at Tuha and how only Pirumeri community is benefiting from touring of tourists and not the entire community in Shortland Islands?

The so-called FAMOA association needed to be overhauled and change its whole perspective because the movement we have is like a communist when it comes to decision making.

This is because the people of Shortland Islands wanted to know the truth and this matter should be explained to the people for proof that both chiefs have a heart for their people.

John Hero
Shortland Islands