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Development in West Kwaio

28 May 2014

DEAR EDITOR – As our country draws near to the general election 2014, West Kwaio has come through a journey of development.

May I take this opportunity to acknowledge the past and present leaders who have contributed to the well-being of our Constituency.

However, the growth of development does not speak well of those leaders.

I appeal to you my good people of West Kwaio that in order to achieve the highest levels of social and economic benefits for our people through our resources, we are all called to restrict our social orders and perfect it according to the command of the gospel.

We are also called to respect the blessing of liberty from God to the people of West Kawio that we may be free to choose our leaders to both the national and provincial governments.

I further appeal to all registered voters of West Kwaio constituency to reserve and uphold Christian principles of a leader with honesty, justice, fairness, moral and ethical values in his or her leadership role.

Mathias Olofia
Filolo Village
Dorio District
West Kwaio