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Thank you Taiwan

20 April 2019

Dear Editor – Since we are in the Easter season, a time to reflect and thank our Savor Jesus Christ, as a Christian I wish to thank a friend who has been silently supporting Solomon Islands’ growth.

I’m referring to our good friend Taiwan.

 As a mother and woman I have seen and heard the many good things that Taiwan was doing for our country.

I don’t think a local mother or woman has ever thanked our friend Taiwan.

Sorry for my ignorance.

So as we are in a season and a weekend where most people will reflect on the crucifixion of our savior the Lord Jesus Christ, I would like to write a simple gratitude letter of appreciation to our friend,“Taiwan”.

Taiwan believes that it is possible for Solomon Islands to thrive,  that our nation can achieve greater development to positively impact the lives of all women and children towards a wealthy, healthy  nation.

For this simple reason, Taiwan has development and outreach programs whereby a technical farm initiative was set up at Burns Creek that has been supplying food to schools, churches and other institutions for free in order for our community children to have access to healthy and nutritious diets.

Taiwan also engages in health development like improvement and updating of infrastructure such as dengue laboratory during the outbreak of dengue and related sicknesses and building the National Referral Hospital.

Taiwan also provided continuous visits of doctors and health specialists to our rural communities to improve the community health centres.

Very soon Taiwan will build our sports stadium in preparation for the South Pacific Games 2023.

In terms of education, our students have further their higher education at the Taiwan universities with a maximum of five years per student is highly appreciated.

The students will be able to graduate with world standard and well recognized qualifications.

Thank you to our Almighty Jesus for the crucifixions on the cross of Calvary and thank you too Taiwan for being a true friend indeed when we are in need.

Taiwan, thank you for being Solomon Islands’ silent helper and for remaining a true and genuine friend in the past 35 or so years.

Ender Rence