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Naezon & Rayboy are true traitors

30 May 2014

DEAR EDITOR – Please allow me in your column to express my views about two prominent leaders I call as traitors in the former Panga Government and Guadalcanal as a whole.

As the political impasse of Guadalcanal Province has already ended, and now we have a new premier, the 7 months storm is over and the MV Galekana with its crew members and Anthony Veke as new captain are busy cleaning the vessel of the huge mess former premier Stephen Panga and cohorts Walton Naezon and Andrew Rayboy heaped, before setting its voyage.

I am not going to deal with Veke’s new Government because that Government in the past was supported by the majority of the people of Guadalcanal and from what I understand Veke’s leadership previously, governed well because of his collective ideas and openness with his team and the people of Guadalcanal.

Veke’s past Government was more strategic in its planning and had achieved a lot of tangible outcomes than the former Panga led Government.

As I have said I am not going to deal around those politics, but would like to tell the Guadalcanal people that, up to this day no one had come up and really identified who caused the political rift that took Guadalcanal Province into a stalemate and caused innocent Guadalcanal people, women men, youth and children to no receive the basic adequate services they’re entitled to receive on health services, education, infrastructures, etc.

The truth of all these matters if you want to trace it back, all rooted down to none other than the likes of Hon. Walton Naezon (MPA), Rayboy Andrew (MPA) and their other three MPA colleagues who acted as Judas Iscariot crossing the floor then eventually denying their master.

To be honest those 5 MPAs Walton Naezon as a power hunger and ring leader, Andrew Rayboy as a power hunger, money monger and opportunist, Paul Siovi as a bystander always ready for the camp jump to make a number game, because of his high illiteracy level that he can’t make decisions on his own with no sound principles, and the other two whom I don’t know their names.

But they are certainly real traitors in the political history book of Guadalcanal.

I must tell all the people of Guadalcanal and the nation as a whole that these two particular MPAs namely, Walton Naezon and Andrew Rayboy are two self-centred champions that let Guadalcanal down.

These two were the ones who masterminded the down fall of Veke’s Government, resulting in all the unnecessary bills incurred during the political impasse.

In this case I want to warn the voters of Paripao and Malango not to vote these two again, as MPAs in the coming Provincial election.

I also want to warn constituency members to an extent that if the two are contesting the upcoming general election, as they are likely to contest again for North East Guadalcanal and Central Guadalcanal, to just cautiously drop your ballot papers to the right candidate, whom you know will help your constituency, this nation and become your true voice in parliament.

Up until today when the high court was on the Guadalcanal Speaker and Veke’s favour, I still don’t understand why, Walton Naezon and Andrew Rayboy still hold on to the red Hyundai Tucson vehicle which belongs to the Guadalcanal Executive, and have been using it as their personal vehicle to drop kids to school, shopping and drive to earthmover for work to earn a little more money, because he lost all the benefits he used to receive as a Finance Minister.

Andrew Rayboy is still using the grey provincial executive hilux as if it is belongs to his family.

Please honourable Premier do something to these two poor MPAs and retrieve the two vehicles from them to your office.

If you cannot do it honourable premier, or if the police cannot even do it then we will arrange the Guadalcanal women in the next week or so, to remove the keys from Walton Naezon and Andrew Rayboy and drive the vehicle to you, because we know the vehicles belong to the Province represented by the Premier.

John Vilivata