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National Electoral Voters Registration

30 May 2014

DEAR EDITOR – It is a serious concern to note that Prime Minister Lilo and his government have been so ignorant not to create an avenue to allow our well educated children who are studying overseas especially in Fiji and PNG so that they can register and exercise their rights to vote for right people to our National Parliament.

National Parliament is a law making arm of the government and if we don’t have right people with right competencies up there to carefully deliberate and scrutinise those piece of legislations, then this is how bills like the Political Parties Integrity Bill passed.  

We just don’t vote people into the Parliament to represent the number and by saying “I or NO” and the “I’s” have it!!

We need people to talk sense, debate and contribute constructively and sensibly on the bills. 

Further we don’t vote people in the house to carry a bag of cash money around in the banks, in vehicles and in homes. 

Those are duties of an office boy. 

More interestingly, Fiji National Election is due on September 2014 yet their National Electoral voters’ registration began some months ago and will continue until few days before Election Day. 

More so they provide avenue for overseas citizens to vote through “Postal Process” strategy. 

I don’t know if our Chief Electoral Officer and his advisers have any deep knowledge about those forms of innovative strategies or either they don’t have the appropriate innovative skills and abilities to think outside of the box. 

The PM and his government still have 4-5 months to think outside of the box and look at ways that would  allow our overseas students to register and vote in this coming National Election. 

It would be NCRA government disgrace if our government deprive our educated children rights to vote in our coming 2014 National Election.

Long Lived Solomon Islands.

John Diau