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Responding to someone

02 June 2014

Responding to someone called, John Vilivata of Honiara, Skyline.

Reference to your paper Friday 30th May 2014 – ( Naezon and Rayboy are true traitors)

I request in the strongest manner that if you John Vilivata truly a Guadalcanal man then I ask for compensation under Guadalcanal customary against what u have said against me because it is not true. Please identify yourself and call me on phone: 7488094 if you need to know the truth, or you are a serious Guale citizen wanted to know about Guadalcanal provincial affairs include what you have said in your letter.

Finally, I am not going to waste my time discussion things in the media with someone who does not even know what is happening in the province.

I have in my files all written documents  and records from 2006-2014 if JohnVilivata or any Guadalcanal person wants to know how our province have been performing , please call me on the above mobile phone number.

John Vilivata, please next time you what to use media for matters concerning Guadalcanal Province, then go down to Rita Eleven building Kukum where the provincial administration is house and ask for the Provincial Secretary or  any senior Staff or the Speaker  or the Clerk, to provide you with  some good information before you use your Constitutional Right.

Hon. Walton Naezon
Paramount Chief
Phone: 7488094, email address: [email protected]
Chichinge Village
Malango Ward
Central Guadalcanal.