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Treatment of girls & women

02 June 2014

Dear Editor - I would be most grateful if you would publish the following comments in your Solomon Star.

Treatment of girls and women in the Solomon Islands and other countries.

To keep up with the local, regional and the world’s happenings, the good, the bad, and the ugly, I try daily to buy a Solomon Star and yesterdays’ Sunday Star’s articles about the treatment of girls and women were extremely disheartening; so I would like to share with your knowledgeable readers the following comments from my library.

Say: Observe equity in your judgment, Ye men of understanding heart!

He that is unjust in his judgment
Is destitute of the characteristics
that distinguish man’s station.

He Who is the Eternal Truth knows
well what the breasts of men conceal.

His long forbearance hath emboldened
His creatures, for not until the appointed
time is come will He rend any veil asunder.

His surpassing mercy hath restrained
the fury of His wrath, and caused most
people to imagine that the one true God
is unaware of the things they have privately

By Him Who is the All-Knowing,
the All-Informed! The mirror of His knowledge
reflects, with complete distinctness,
precision and fidelity, regardless of political,
religious and social titles, the doings of all men.

O God! Verily, the Solomon Islands and the
world in general is in need of reformation.
Bestow upon it a new existence. Give it newness
of thoughts, and reveal unto them heavenly sciences.

Breathe into them a fresh spirit, and grant to all
creation a holier and higher purpose.

Thank you.

Don Boykin