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World consumer day

02 June 2014

Dear Editor - It was my pleasure to attend the celebrations for World Consumer Rights Day in Gizo on 28 May, organised by the Ministry for Commerce.

Primary and secondary school students from local schools including Gizo CHS, Titiana, Ngari and Kukundu all demonstrated excellent public speaking talents in addressing the theme for the day: 'Consumer Justice Now'.

The young speakers advised their school friends to be wise consumers, and not to waste money on junk foods and products whose expiry date has passed. They said it was important for young people to understand consumer rights, such as the right to be informed and to choose, and not to be 'ripped off' with shoddy items which fall apart or don't work.

It's great to see such intelligent and articulate young people take the stage and share their views. They are the future leaders of this country, and they were all young women!

Congratulations to all the schools who participated, and to the organisers of the day.

Robyn Edwards