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Isabel celebrations

03 June 2014

Dear Editor- Grateful if you could allow me space to share my heart regarding celebration of Isabel day by some ward in Isabel.

Today (Monday) marks one of the big days for Isabel Province. It’s our 2nd appointed day and it’s being celebrated here in Honiara, Buala Headquarter and in some of the wards throughout the province.

Kolomola ward in the Highland of Hograno District also celebrated this 2nd appointed day, but it was not celebrated by the ward or the Kolomola community to which the current Honourable member Bernad Kafa hail from.

Instead Honourable Bernad kafa celebrated the Isabel day in close doors with his so called “Kolomola ward grant committee” alone in the very eyes of the women, children, men of Kolomola village. This dismayed the people.

Such occasions used to be celebrated by the ward or village as a whole. Every people used to enjoy the day.

However, now days, it is celebrated by a faction of selected few of whom chosen by the honourable member.

It was the practise that each ward member has allocated funds by the province to celebrate the 2nd appointed day or the SI Independence Day.

I and the Kolomola community called on the Premier, if the province have allocated money for the 2nd appointed day to each member, then disclose it otherwise, we call on Hon Bernard Kafa to explain from which fund that close door celebration by him and the  so called ward grant committee have used.

Ambrose Motui
Kolomola/Gove Village, Isabel.