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Naoniahu customary land

03 June 2014

Dear Editor - Please allow me a space in your paper for raising my concern about Naoniahu customary land in the East Are’ Are.

Naonihau tribal land chiefs did not accept any project for Naoniahu customary land without gathering and the approval from the chiefs of the following antithetical pieces of land in the Naonihau boundary, Hauwarowaro, Parasi, Hausiwa and Hau’ora.

Because I Derick HOihanua always hear the news from Mr Joe Koa’apu since year 2013 until now. And I disagreed with him because his news about the Naoniahu project was flowing like a wind in the following communities without gathering with chiefs and the landowners. Hatakau community, Haunasiraha community, Wairaramua community, Raroasi community and here in Honiara.

These communities consists of the majority of Naonihau’s people. So Mr Joe Koa’apu, if its true that your team have a project plan for Naonihau customary land. Why not come with your team and arrange a meeting with the above communities.

You should feel free and let your team to meet with Naonihau people or chiefs. Because I feel confident that you Joe Koa’apu cannot answer some of questions and concerns about your team work.

So I want you to bring your team towards the surface of the wonderful flower and arrange a meeting with the Naonihau’s people at home and here in Honiara.

Lastly but not the least, if you fail to arrange your team to meet with the respective landowners. I advise you my brother, Mr Joe Koa’apu, don’t waste times and tell your team that everything created by God almighty have a right channel.

But if you miss the channel and start at the top of the tree, you have no chance to go through the road of lightness. If you start at the beginning of the roots of the tree. You will receive fresh water more than honey for brightness.

Thank you so much for taking this message in peaceful mind and hope you get what I have meant.
Thank you.

Derick Haomae Oihanua


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