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Sale of land in Honiara

05 June 2014

DEAR EDITOR – I wish to take this page to voice out my concern about the selling of land in our capital city, Honiara.

The selling of land in our city is probably a matter of fact that had been tremendously done by those who will live in our capital city with the support from the government and as well as the commissioner of lands.

The selling of land in the capital might be in a good idea for the beneficial of our country.

However, on the other hand, we should do it properly in a manageable way in which will become beneficial to our country, now and into the future.

By saying this, the only desire which I am trying to express here is, the selling of the land to the Asians which is happening in our country today.

Regarding this, as you can see our country today there are many foreigners especially, Asians who nearly dominate our capital city and as well as our country as a whole.

Apart from that, these foreigners who are now our citizens in our country also build up and develop their business in our country as they use us, as their slaves and as well as their good assets for the development of their business.

With regards to this, if we continue to emphasise the exercise of selling the land to Asians, we might find ourselves under the ruling of somebody in the future.

With this above caption and concern, I stand here with the black and white on behalf of our students of Solomon Islands to kindly ask the government and as well as the commissioner of lands to stand up and make an appropriate and vital move which will suit the good of our country, before we might enter in its worst stage.

The government, as well as the commissioner of land, should be wise before they make their decisions.

Trevor Wagatora
Selwyn College


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