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Principal for special development centre

05 June 2014

DEAR EDITOR – Please allow me some space to share my view on the above topic.

I saw a post which was advertised in your good paper last fortnight which caught me by surprise and of course brings a lot of questions, and made me wonder as to what is happening at the centre.

This is especially when the current principal, whom I believe is very well known, is she resigning or decided to find another Job? Otherwise to have a new principal to replace her is a joke!

How could Solomon Island Red Cross replace someone with vast knowledge, experience and understanding of different disabilities? It would definitely be like looking for a needle in the hay stake if you’ll be holding one soon.

What am worry about is the future of the centre. If Solomon Island Red Cross is planning to employ a new principal we just hope and pray that the next one would be as capable, smart, active and dedicated as Cathy.

I say this because I personally have come across her path when working in one of the offices before.

She sure had so much determination to educate the disabled children. I for one would not apply to be in the position she would be vacating because she is no ordinary one for a primary, secondary or ECE principal.

You have to have the special qualification in special education because “in the Advertisement the SI Red Cross had not specify this qualification, and mind you the special development centre is not just an ordinary school as any normal schools, or formal education, it caters for children with many children with special needs, that is the reason why I raised this up in this paper.

I’m just wondering what the Ministry of Education and Human Resources would have to say about this.

I have not even heard any of the parents of the children with special needs make any remarks. If I am a parent of one disabled child, I will definitely be defending and protest that Cathy remains until such time she plans to move on.

But for now I think it is an unwise decision to let go of such a person who is very resourceful in our society.

Please SI Red Cross let us know what is happening. I guess you have made a very unwise decision to let her or allow her to go.

God bless all our disabled children & people of Solomon Islands.

Richard Sarabule