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More women should be in parl

05 June 2014

DEAR EDITOR – As a student in my early year 11 at Selwyn College, I am writing to complain about my dissatisfaction with the leaders of this beautiful nation of ours.

One trend I find particular appalling is that the government of this nation really don’t care about this lovely nation of ours. But why not! Women! Play your part to care for this nation as you care for your children.

Reality this nation Solomon Islands will be worst corrupt if leaders are not careful till Heaven and hell are calling for another life.

Therefore, as I mentioned above, women can be our better leaders who will care for our lovely nation Solomon Islands.

Women would be wiser than men if they were our parliament leaders. Where men as often do things that would not benefit our nation and these were not new things to be considered but it occurred since the beginning of the country’s self governing.

From the beginning of our independence, our nation has its own leaders to rule the country, but majority of our leaders were men.

Since those past years till today, no such changes occur. I wonder why this nation and the leaders were not able to change our nation.

Solomon Islands is still not developed because majority of the parliament leaders were totally corrupt.

To all good Solomon Islanders, why not choose women to be our leaders for today and tomorrow.

We have experienced that most of the leaders did not really care for our nation.

Why not women?

Why don’t you play your part to rule our country and the people as a whole? Come on, young youths, you will be affected with your future generation if no change takes place in our nation.

Furthermore, some parliamentary members are up there only to search for money to satisfy their needs while people and the country suffered.

That’s one big negative effect on the society today.

To all good citizens of Solomon Islands, taking part in this kind of disgraceful thought will not benefit our nation. Take for example, some MPs hold on to money that rightly belong to the constituency and use it as their own.

Let me say this people the future of Solomon Islands is in our hands. How we are living and making the most of life is not about how much money you earn.

It is time we make a stand against corrupted leaders, in favour of quality leaders, and let’s hope to see if any women can do it for our nation. How can women do it? Start by changing the system of attitude.

Glence Rose
Selwyn College