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Government’s inaction

09 June 2014


DEAR EDITOR – I read with interest the words of Central Bank’s Governor about why our economy is not moving and expanding.

The Governor is the person in a very good position to tell us how we have been performing economically and what he rightly pointed out was what I have been observing for so long.

Government’s after Government’s have been promising big and small developments. There is nothing to date.

There were sweet talks about developments here and there. There were promises of developments in the provinces and in the rural areas.

When campaigning, you hear them made hefty promises. When forming new coalition governments, you hear them talked about making this and those big developments.

But when they come into power, what happen? NOTHING. Those were nothing but sweet talks. They go in and start filling up their own pockets.

They never cared about moving forward big and small developments they have talked bout.

People cry out for improvement of this and that, but all those cries fall on deaf ears. They follow what they think is best for them politically and forget about everyone. They never listen to people but stand on their decisions.

A good example is the NCRA government under the leadership of Lilo. Let’s put in new and visionary leader come the General Election this year.

Enough of liars. We can do better but those we voted in were wrong people to lead our nation.

We need people who can do less talking and just do it as the Governor rightly mentioned.

We talked and promised too many that we cannot fulfill. The Prime Minister had made promises that he never fulfill. Temotu Province premier admitted that the PM had made promises he never fulfill.

So what can we do now? This is the right time to make that change because the election is just around the corner. Let’s not make ourselves cheap by voting in people who are good at making empty promises.

Let’s elect people who can act. The election is here, it’s your future, it’s your choice, it’s in your hands. Make a wise choice this round.

Alick Hatsulia