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"Speaker scrutinised"

09 June 2014

DEAR EDITOR - The above headline on the front page of your Sunday (08/06/'14) Star edition refer.

This is not surprising. The allegation is on a 'business as usual' subject in so far as our national leaders are concerned.

Even if the Leadership Code Commission were to find that there is a case to answer, the national Parliamentarians would not be doing anything about it.

They made him the Speaker in the first place despite his disrepute previous record. Parliament may even make him the next Prime Minister all over again after the coming elections despite all the allegations against him including any proven ones.

This is how Parliament operates as it is business as usual. A very sad state of affairs in so far as the interests of this country is concerned is that often the collective values shown by Parliament in its votes and decisions are nowhere near the values shared by society at large.

The present Parliament is therefore a generally poor example as role model of good leadership. There are exceptionally excellent good leaders amongst the present Members of Parliament.

But these are very few and always outnumbered. Let us hope that the next election will bring more of the very few good Members we now have, into Parliament.




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